Book Talk Tuesday: The Perfect Summer

The Perfect Summer by Luanne Rice is a wonderful book about the exact opposite of what the title promises. Bay McCabe  loves her life and her family. It's the longest day of the year, a day she loves and savors each summer. Her hopes and expectations for the coming months are dashed when her husband forgets to pick up their youngest daughter from softball practice.
Life changes for Bay and her three children when Sean doesn't come home at all that night. Then the bank officers where he works, the police, and the FBI come around asking questions about accounts Sean managed.
Daniel Connolly was Bay's first love when she was fifteen. They spent a summer hanging out and working together. Life moved on and Bay settled into her life with Sean. Until Sean disappeared and one of the last people he talked to was Dan, now working as a boat builder.
I've enjoyed Luanne Rice's books in the past. I loved The Geometry of Sisters and Follow the Stars Home. This was another good one.
Some snobs may dismiss Luanne's novels as too light or populist, but that's the kind of stuff I like. It takes me out of my life and gives me a glimpse of another's journey through love and loss. This one made me think about what would my perfect summer look like. And at the end of the season, would I look back with joy, peace, and contentment or anguish, doubt, and longing?

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