Woe! It’s Wednesday

I’m tired. I hit the wall today and couldn’t get out of bed. I was able to wring out an extra hour but once my feet hit the floor it was full steam all day. Tomorrow promises to be more of the same.

How do we do this? Everything is good. Everything is important.

How do I deem Bible Study is more or less important than grocery shopping? If I can’t feed my family and husband, then I’m not much of a Christian.

How is laundry less or more important than vacuuming? We have to have clothes to wear but I don’t like my carpet to crunch when I walk on it and there are only so many hours in a day.

How is cuddling a newborn grandbaby more or less important than being there for someone else who is mourning a loss?


It’s not a rhetorical question.

I really want to know.


Book Talk Tuesday

As if I didn’t have enough books backed up, I went and requested two from the library. One has a reeeaaallly long waiting list, so it’ll be awhile before I’m first in line. The second request was fulfilled pretty quickly. I picked up the book yesterday but haven’t had time to start it yet. I have one more review book to read then write the review and then I’ll be diving into:


The Art of Racing in the Rain

I’ve heard good things about it and I’m looking forward to it. So are Jake and Harry. I promised to read parts aloud if I think it will interest them.

They enjoyed this video:

The Cutest Guilty Dog Ever


Woe! It’s Wednesday

Another month, another relative dies.

It’s hard not to be flip but it’s getting to be ridiculous. In the last year, my family has lost 3 uncles and 2 aunts.

Not to mention a goodly amount of friends.

My step-father’s brother died over the weekend. He hadn’t been in good health for a long time, so it wasn’t a total shock. But on the other hand, he’d been maintaining for years, so it’s not like the family was gathered around his bed waiting to say good-bye.

Dad didn’t get a phone call when the final stroke hit. He was told about 12 hours later. He lives less than 2 hours away. As soon as he got the call, he headed there but he didn’t make it before his brother was gone.

The privilege of saying good-bye should never be taken lightly. Not everyone gets closure.

Don’t let your thoughts and feelings go unspoken.

August 2008 031

That’s Dad on the right, his brother and sister in 2008. Both his brother and sister are gone now. He has one brother left. My mom is the only child in her family of origin left.

The days are long but the years are short. Make them count.


Book Talk Tuesday

Besides the books I buy and the ones I get to review, I’ve also been downloading a few free books to my iPhone Kindle app. (How weird is it that probably a year ago, I wouldn’t have known what that phrase meant? And probably a few readers don’t know either…)

I’ve only purchased a very few books for the Kindle app. I do have a Kindle on my Amazon wish list. One of these days… in the meantime, I’ve read several of the free downloads and the iPhone is surprisingly easy to interface with as a reader.  I don’t hate it.

I don’t put books on there that I’m dying to read or that would be on the top of my To Be Read stack. But it’s nice to know I always have a book with me if I get stuck in line or something happens and I have time to kill.

I’m currently reading Just As I Am by Virginia Smith.


I’m really enjoying it. It was a free download so I “purchased” it. Then a friend just happened to recommend it and since I already had it on the phone, I started it next. I’m not far into it, but I’m liking it a lot. It may even get upgraded from “killing time reading” to “must read this book now” status.

Also read recently on my phone:

Product Details

Listen by Rene Gutteridge. I liked this one a lot. It did move up from killing time to deliberate reading.

The Shop on Blossom StreetThe Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. Yep, I was soon reading it from the comfort of my couch.

I’m looking forward to reading more e-books.

Do I think they’ll replace the printed page?


But will they find a place in the publishing landscape?

Oh, yeah.


Woe! It’s Wednesday

I’m writing with two dogs staring at me, one on either side.

It’s walk time, you see.

Dogs are such creatures of habit. They don’t know or care that I still have work to do. That they can wait a few minutes for me to post this.

They’re also good reminders of the importance of good habits. We brush our teeth at the same times every day. We (okay, I) drop my purse in the same spot every day, so I know where to find it. My keys are inside, in the same pocket, for the same reason.

I can live on autopilot, a creature propelled not by what I should do or want to, but simply out of inertia.

Why is it so hard to change a bad habit and so easy to fall out routine with a good habit? Skip brushing your teeth one night before bed, and test me. See if it’s not just a bit harder to brush the next night.

Now, they’re pawing at me. I have to go keep these creatures of habit in their safe rut.


Book Talk Tuesday


Over the weekend, I finished Liz Curtis Higg’s latest book, Mine is the Night.

    Here Burns My Candle


The books are retellings of the biblical book of Ruth, set in Scotland in the mid-18th century.

The saga started with Here Burns My Candle. It’s the story of young Elisabeth Kerr, married to the faithless Donald. Faithless in more ways than one.

When Donald dies, Elisabeth may either return home to the highlands of Scotland, or stay with her mother-in-law and travel to a strange town and a new life. Mine Is The Night begins with their journey from Edinburgh to Lady Kerr’s home parish. Penniless widows, the women are forced to depend on the kindnesses of distant relatives, as well as Elisabeth’s skill with a needle.

I love how Liz takes a familiar tale and breathes new life into it with her characters. Even though we know the ending, I was still fearful something would keep Elisabeth from marrying Lord Jack Buchanan.

I enjoyed both these books, and am eager to hear what Liz is working on next.


Woe! It’s Wednesday


“Find your passion.”

“Follow your bliss.”

“Love what you do, and do what you love.”

I’m blessed that, for the most part, I’ve been able to do what I love. I was able to stay home with my children and educate them. I worked off and on, full-time and part-time. Now I work from home and I truly enjoy what I do.

But I’ve worked jobs I hated. That I had to grit my teeth to get through the day. I’ve had supervisors belittle me. I’ve had customers yell profanities at me. I know what it’s like out there in the “real” world.

Even though I enjoy what I do now, there are aspects to this job that I dislike. Even one or two I despise. I’m not good at all of it, all of the time. But I plug away.

Because that’s what you do.

You don’t quit a job after a couple of months because it’s no longer “fun.” If it puts food on the table and a roof over your head, that means it’s fun enough.

I’m tired of hearing people whine about how their job isn’t fulfilling. Either make it better or move on. But don’t stand there and point fingers and blame others for your own dissatisfaction with life.

Don’t forget, lots of people would love to trade places with you.

Count your blessings. Name them one by one.


Book Talk Tuesday


Love Finds You in Lahaina, Hawaii

Product Details

I’ve read a few books recently set in Hawaii. This one is far and away the best. It blends history of the Hawaiian islands with a more contemporary story set in the mid-1970s. 

Sandi Smith has traveled to Lahaina, Maui to record the memories of Auntie Hannah, an old island woman who had a front row seat to the end of the Hawaiian monarchy.

Sandi’s life is in a holding pattern—her husband is MIA in Viet Nam.

As Sandi hears Auntie Hannah’s story about the Crown Princess Kaiulani and her love for her people and a young missionary, Sandi is also drawn to the hope that she may find love. Or perhaps her first love will return.

I highly recommend this one.


Woe! It’s Wednesday

Since the Oscars just happened, I want to talk about movies.

I saw The King’s Speech and loved it. I saw The Town and I truly believe Jeremy Renner is one of the great actors of our time and his award is coming.

I remember Melissa Leo from … All My Children. She played Cliff’s sister… Linda! That had to be back in the 1980s… at least. Then in the ‘90s I loved her in Homicide: Life on the Streets, still one of the great unrecognized television series ever. I will watch Andre Braugher eat spaghetti. I’d prefer to watch him act in something, but if I ran into him at Olive Garden, yeah, I’d stare.

I haven’t seen Inception, but will add it to the Netflix queue. I think I’m  going to need to be able to back up and watch stuff over again.

I saw Country Strong with the nominated song Gwyneth Paltrow sang. It was… okay. I wish I’d know it was a downer going in. I kept expecting the happy ending. There was a semi-happy ending, but over all … not so much.

I loved Toy Story 3. I know lots of people hate the ending, but really… think about it. Would any other ending been as emotionally satisfying? I don’t think so.

Black Swan: I’m not a Natalie Portman fan. I’m sorry-I’m just not. She’s very passive and unexpressive in everything I’ve seen her in. Star Wars. Where The Heart Is. The only thing I liked her in, even a little, was Garden State. All that to say, I haven’t seen Black Swan and probably won’t.

Winter’s Bone: Sounds too depressing. I’m sure it’s a great film, but I haven’t heard that it’s particularly uplifting and, as established, I’m not into depressing movies.

The Kids Are All Right: I’m torn. I kind of want to see it for the performances, but I’m not thrilled with movies (or books or television shows or art or whatever) with a political agenda to “educate” me and make me think that gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered families are normal. They’re not. There are different dynamics, just by the simple fact that the parental units are the same sex. If Heather has two moms or two dads, she’s still missing the parenting dynamic of the other gender.

Maybe because of my previously mentioned apathy for Natalie Portman, I’m bummed for Annette Benning. She’s an amazing actress who deserves the statue on her mantel. Plus a friend of mine installs her blinds and drapes, so we’re like BFFs. Really.

The Fighter: I haven’t seen it but will add it to Netflix. I do want to see it and I want to see Christian Bale in it. I’ve heard he nails this role and he’s amazing to begin with. And I’m an Amy Adams fan. I even liked Leap Year.


Book Talk Tuesday

On my nightstand:

First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde


Product Details


I haven’t read them all, and the ones I have read haven’t been in order, but they are laugh-out-loud hysterical.

Imagine if your favorite fictional characters lived their lives in their novels.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy may have raised a brood of brats and one of them is a kleptomaniac.

Miss Marple could have a secret affair with the parish rector and the president of the altar guild has been found dead.

Catherine and Heathcliff sleep in separate rooms and one of the chambermaids has disappeared.

Anyway, Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series is about … Thursday Next. She’s a literary detective who is called to enter books and figure things out that involve the characters.

They’re part sci-fi/time/dimension travel, part humor, part mystery. Maybe a little romance. Whatever you call them, they’re great fun.

Check ‘em out!


Praying for: Bernie, Lisa, Gina, Josh, Dan, and Marilyn.

Currently reading: Love Finds You in Lahaina, Hawaii by Bodie Thoene.

Last movie: … I have no idea… Maybe The King’s Speech??