Woe! It’s Wednesday

Since the Oscars just happened, I want to talk about movies.

I saw The King’s Speech and loved it. I saw The Town and I truly believe Jeremy Renner is one of the great actors of our time and his award is coming.

I remember Melissa Leo from … All My Children. She played Cliff’s sister… Linda! That had to be back in the 1980s… at least. Then in the ‘90s I loved her in Homicide: Life on the Streets, still one of the great unrecognized television series ever. I will watch Andre Braugher eat spaghetti. I’d prefer to watch him act in something, but if I ran into him at Olive Garden, yeah, I’d stare.

I haven’t seen Inception, but will add it to the Netflix queue. I think I’m  going to need to be able to back up and watch stuff over again.

I saw Country Strong with the nominated song Gwyneth Paltrow sang. It was… okay. I wish I’d know it was a downer going in. I kept expecting the happy ending. There was a semi-happy ending, but over all … not so much.

I loved Toy Story 3. I know lots of people hate the ending, but really… think about it. Would any other ending been as emotionally satisfying? I don’t think so.

Black Swan: I’m not a Natalie Portman fan. I’m sorry-I’m just not. She’s very passive and unexpressive in everything I’ve seen her in. Star Wars. Where The Heart Is. The only thing I liked her in, even a little, was Garden State. All that to say, I haven’t seen Black Swan and probably won’t.

Winter’s Bone: Sounds too depressing. I’m sure it’s a great film, but I haven’t heard that it’s particularly uplifting and, as established, I’m not into depressing movies.

The Kids Are All Right: I’m torn. I kind of want to see it for the performances, but I’m not thrilled with movies (or books or television shows or art or whatever) with a political agenda to “educate” me and make me think that gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered families are normal. They’re not. There are different dynamics, just by the simple fact that the parental units are the same sex. If Heather has two moms or two dads, she’s still missing the parenting dynamic of the other gender.

Maybe because of my previously mentioned apathy for Natalie Portman, I’m bummed for Annette Benning. She’s an amazing actress who deserves the statue on her mantel. Plus a friend of mine installs her blinds and drapes, so we’re like BFFs. Really.

The Fighter: I haven’t seen it but will add it to Netflix. I do want to see it and I want to see Christian Bale in it. I’ve heard he nails this role and he’s amazing to begin with. And I’m an Amy Adams fan. I even liked Leap Year.

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