Moving on ...

A year ago I started a second blog at www.livevicarrieous.com

I had several reasons for the change.

  • Chocolate, No Nuts is a bit of a frivolous name. The .blogspot.com addendum is also amateurish. 
  • Although the livevicarrious blog is hosted by WordPress, I was able to buy the domain name so I eliminated the hosting portion of the blog name so I appear more professional. 
  • Experienced bloggers recommend WordPress over Blogger. 
So, I started the second blog. For a long time I've been cross posting to both blogs. Recently I've been posting book reviews here and other posts on the livevicarrieous site.

This will be the last post on this site. 

Book Talk Tuesday, Woe! It's Wednesday, and Author Spotlight Thursdays will continue at www.livevicarrieous.com

Although I only have 25 followers, I have many more page views so I know lots of my friends and family check in on me here. 

I know it's an inconvenience, but would you please take a minute to click on the link above, and either add it to your favorites or signup to follow that blog? I so appreciate each one of you who either comments on the blog or texts me or emails me or calls me or comments on Facebook to let me know you read my thoughts and ramblings. 

As a thank you, the first five people who leave a comment will win a free book (of my choice). Just leave your email address and I'll contact you for your snail mail address. 

Thank you!

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