The Crankiest Place on Earth

is Babies 'R Us.

The first time I shopped there, I thought I just was there at a bad time. But it's been three times now.

First: the smell. I guess because it's full of full diapers.

Second: Who shops there? Pregnant women, full of hormones.

Third: Who is forced to accompany the mom-to-be? Her other children who are upset because Mom is buying things for the new baby who's not here yet and is already showing signs of taking over the household and all Mom's attention.

Wails of frustration can be heard from all corners of the store. And the kids are cranky, too.


A Miserable Mass

I think it's a line in The Princess Bride: "You miserable vomitous mass."

That was me.

Now I've shared and I feel really, really bad. As soon as I realized I didn't feel good, I didn't kiss my husband, I barely shared oxygen in the same room with him. He slept in the guest room.

He got it anyway.

He's an awesome nursemaid when someone in the family is sick. He's the one making soup and fetching 7Up and making pudding.

Not me. When I'm sick, I like to be left alone to suffer in silence and peace. He likes to be succored so he renders aid and comfort when he's sick. I leave the patient alone.

We've both learned how to be there for the other. He leaves me mostly alone, and just pops in to check on me. And I do appreciate his willingness to fetch me a pudding cup and a straw. And now I offer to heat soup or bring him a box of tissues.

I had my 24 hours in bed. It's his turn now. Guess I should check our supply of jello. And Ensure.

Today I prayed for: my church, our president, David, Amber.

Last movie: Shrek 3rd - hey I was sick.

Last book: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Last meal: Turkey and mashed potatoes but I think I need to go make some soup.


My Favorite Things

I know I'm not Oprah, but I have favorites too. And I want to talk about them.

Eye shadow primer:
This stuff works! I put it on under my eye makeup and there it stays. All day. I've put it on at 6 am and the eyeshadow is still there at midnight. I love it!


A friend who sells cleaning supplies says these things are pretty strong. He said it like it was a bad thing. I love them. One will wipe down all my cabinets and stove and microwave and fridge and leave 'em sparkling. I also ran one over my baseboards last week.

Glucosamine chrondroitin for the dog:

We get ours at Trader Joe's. It's given our old dog a better quality of life. He still limps but he can keep up with the rest of us. Yeah, we're getting old, too. What of it?

This might be the best show on television:

I love this show. Most shows I tivo and watch on my own time. Not Eureka. I'm there.
Imagine you were pretty intelligent. And good at your job. Then imagine you're dropped into a world where everyone else is Einstein-smart. And they knew how to bend things like physical laws, the time-space continuum, and memories. Brilliant. And I don't even like sci-fi. I thought.

That's it for now. I'm going to go play on the Eureka web site a little while.

Today I prayed for:
Katie and Mel, Dad, and Staci.

Last movie: Gran Torino - language bad, movie good.

Currently reading: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Last meal: 2 chicken soft tacos (homemade and yummy).


Occasional Rants

On occasion, my inner curmudgeon demands to be heard. Today she's mad about:

If America is getting fatter, where are they getting their clothes? Yeah, I fit into the fat category and I wanted some cheap cropped pants to take to Hawaii next month. I can't find any in a size larger than an 8, except at the expensive department store. I see fat people at Target and Walmart. I guess they're buying food because it sure ain't clothes.

Why is it shocking that teens who watch sexually explicit tv and movies are more sexually active and at a younger age? It was all over the news recently like it was a groundbreaking revelation. My response: DUH.

I thought she had more things bugging her, but that seems to be all for now. Padgett - out.


Taken by Surprise

I learned something yesterday.

On my old blog, I talked about my brother, Jeff, who died in June. He was a long time drug and alcohol abuser who wore out his body and it finally gave up. Before he died, I asked him about his faith and where he was going for eternity. He said, "I know Jesus is my Lord and Savior."

Can't ask for any more. So I told him I was glad and when he got there to tell Dad and my father-in-law 'hello' and give them hugs. And Grandma. And - you get the idea.

Anyway, I had assurance. But given his lifestyle and addictions, I would still wonder.

Yesterday, Mom told me that my youngest brother Bob told her that it was Jeff who introduced Bob the Lord. Jeff did. The addict who stole Bob's allowance to buy marijuana. Jeff, who begged people to go buy tequila for him.

I pray for people. I'm open about my faith. But a dead drug addict and alcoholic taught me a lesson about authenticity and transparency and about faith.

Thanks, Jeff. Give Dad another hug for me. See you someday.

Today I prayed for: Casey, Lori, and Noah; Katie; Josh; and another Noah.

Currently reading: All The Tea in China by Jane Orcutt

Last movie: Becoming Jane

Last meal: Tostada at Bobby Salazars - still full.