Occasional Rants

On occasion, my inner curmudgeon demands to be heard. Today she's mad about:

If America is getting fatter, where are they getting their clothes? Yeah, I fit into the fat category and I wanted some cheap cropped pants to take to Hawaii next month. I can't find any in a size larger than an 8, except at the expensive department store. I see fat people at Target and Walmart. I guess they're buying food because it sure ain't clothes.

Why is it shocking that teens who watch sexually explicit tv and movies are more sexually active and at a younger age? It was all over the news recently like it was a groundbreaking revelation. My response: DUH.

I thought she had more things bugging her, but that seems to be all for now. Padgett - out.


  1. Carrie, I saw $15 capris at the Clovis Walmart yesterday. Not sure sizes, because I was not in the market, but they were with the women's clothes and not the teen stuff. They looked cute. I can go on Monday or Tuesday and check again for you if you like. :)

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. I think I'm good. Hubby took me shopping and he's not as cheap as I am. I found some good stuff at Stein Mart. I forget about that store but I always do well out there.