Taken by Surprise

I learned something yesterday.

On my old blog, I talked about my brother, Jeff, who died in June. He was a long time drug and alcohol abuser who wore out his body and it finally gave up. Before he died, I asked him about his faith and where he was going for eternity. He said, "I know Jesus is my Lord and Savior."

Can't ask for any more. So I told him I was glad and when he got there to tell Dad and my father-in-law 'hello' and give them hugs. And Grandma. And - you get the idea.

Anyway, I had assurance. But given his lifestyle and addictions, I would still wonder.

Yesterday, Mom told me that my youngest brother Bob told her that it was Jeff who introduced Bob the Lord. Jeff did. The addict who stole Bob's allowance to buy marijuana. Jeff, who begged people to go buy tequila for him.

I pray for people. I'm open about my faith. But a dead drug addict and alcoholic taught me a lesson about authenticity and transparency and about faith.

Thanks, Jeff. Give Dad another hug for me. See you someday.

Today I prayed for: Casey, Lori, and Noah; Katie; Josh; and another Noah.

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  1. Wow...proof that God is the one who judges our hearts. Can we ever truly "know" another person? Thanks for this post, it is certainly thought provoking and humbling.

  2. I was going to start off my comment with 'wow', but kb beat me to it. Great and important story, Carrie. Thanks so much for telling it!