The Crankiest Place on Earth

is Babies 'R Us.

The first time I shopped there, I thought I just was there at a bad time. But it's been three times now.

First: the smell. I guess because it's full of full diapers.

Second: Who shops there? Pregnant women, full of hormones.

Third: Who is forced to accompany the mom-to-be? Her other children who are upset because Mom is buying things for the new baby who's not here yet and is already showing signs of taking over the household and all Mom's attention.

Wails of frustration can be heard from all corners of the store. And the kids are cranky, too.


  1. Carrie, I love your blog. It makes me laugh,(ie.The Crankiest Place on Earth, etc.),it makes me cry (ie. Taken By Surprise) and provides me with fascinating information (ie. My Favorite Things - I gotta try that eye shadow foundation stuff!) Keep up the God work (That's not a misspelling by the way!)

  2. Thanks, Deb. You're the best! Love you lots and miss you.