Invisibility: Curse or Blessing

I’ve long thought that I have intermittent invisibility. I’ve tried to narrow it down, but it happens when I’m holding a fist full of cash or have empty pockets. When my arms are laden with packages and bags, or free and open. When I’m alone or with others. Although… it doesn’t usually happen when I’m with the Perfect Grand-daughter, so apparently she’s not invisible.

I used to hate it. I still do, mostly.

I can stand in line for coffee, help/info in a store, sit at a friend’s table. The people in front of me or all around me are offered help. I wait patiently. Finally, it’s my turn. I think. The barista/clerk/friend smiles, sighs as if to say “Great, all done.” Then turn and walk away.

My response varies, depending on hormones and need for caffeine. I may speak up and say “What about me, Moron?” No, I don’t use “Moron,” even though I want to. I may just sigh, cross my arms, and wait for another few minutes until someone else comes along to help me. Sometimes I just help myself. Baristas don’t look at it like that though. They get a little perturbed if I strap on an apron and fire up the foamer.

I often give others the benefit of the doubt, thinking Well, they probably didn’t realize I’m waiting too, they’ll figure it out and be back. Sometimes they do. Usually not.

I’ve left.

I’ve left and then returned to tell someone, “Hey, I was waiting, too and you just ignored me so you lost a sale.” Then I go somewhere else, but all I did was cost myself more time and aggravation.

I’ve decided to use my invisibility super powers for good. I’m still working on what that looks though.



Today, I’m praying for: DJ, Amber, Evelyn, Patti.

Currently reading: The Husband by Dean Koontz. Oh my. It’s wonderful! I can’t wait to get back to it.

Last movie: Twilight

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Reclaim PreDecember

So I was walking in the neighborhood at dusk last night and am still astounded at the sight: a neighbor had their Christmas tree up and a wreath and lights.

What happened to November? Thanksgiving? Gorging on turkey and pumpkin pie?

Christmas and all things associated are supposed to wait until Black Friday.

I know, Christmas stuff has been in Costco since August. And I’m a fan of shopping early and getting much of the craziness done early.

But that’s so I can enjoy December, enjoy putting up the lights and the decorations, and listening to carols and sacred music.

If we don’t stop it, November will disappear all together. We’ll go from Halloween to Christmas and Thanksgiving will be a hiccup.

Not in my house. I’m putting up some turkeys and pilgrims right now. Because I’m thankful for autumn and harvests and grape crushes and football games and Veterans and my brother’s birthday and my sister-in-law’s birthday and my grand-daughter’s daddy’s birthday and her other grandma’s birthday and NaNoWriMo and pumpkin spice lattes and All Saints Day and … well, you get the idea.

November lovers unite! Reclaim PreDecember and let it take it’s rightful place after October!


Today I prayed for: John Madden, Amber, and Marilyn

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Currently reading: Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk


Red, White, and Whatchacall It

I watched the CMAs last night and mostly enjoyed it. Taylor Swift was gorgeous and genuine. What a hoot to see Hootie singin’ country (and winning for Best New Artist).

My only “What in the world…?” moment was with the Judds who gave Hootie … er… Darius, his award.

Wynonna was orange. Hair, skin, everything. Just weird. Her mom Naomi was a kind of creepy, stretched tight, botoxed, buffed and shined version of herself. Her face and d├ęcolletage weren’t even the same color. Come on, girls.

Loved everything else.


As I Was Saying…


I don’t know if it’s my family or group of friends or if it’s an epidemic all through society, but whatever it is I’m tired of it and I want it to stop.


It seems I can barely get a half a sentence out before my “listener” (said in the loosest of terms, believe me), feels the need to interject either a) a clarifying question, b) a story about a similar experience of theirs, c) something completely random that my statement reminded them of, or d) agreement.

D isn’t a problem. And while a bugs me, I can sort of see how it might, on occasion, be necessary. I generally wait to ask for clarification when someone is speaking. Usually I can get what I need from the context, if I let them finish.

Usually if I’m talking and someone interrupts, I give up. Go with the flow. Let them talk.

But it’s happening more and more often.

Is it our society of instant messaging and texting and Facebook updating and Twittering. Everyone is talking all the time, so it’s no big deal to interrupt, they’ll be talking again in a few minutes.

I’m so frustrated though, I’m almost ready to take it to the next level.

When I’m interrupted, I’m going to turn and walk away, figuring what you have to say must be so much more important than what I’m saying, you should hurry and go find someone more important than me to listen to it.

You’ve been warned.



Today I prayed for: Sarah, Seamus, and Francine.

Last movie: Still The Pact

Currently reading: Living the Cross-Centered Life by C. J. Mahaney.


Cause for Concern

I’ve already talked about my short attention span when it comes to current events and politics.

But today, I’m mad.

This morning on one of the listening-to-the-news-while-putting-on-your-makeup shows, I heard POTUS giving a sound bite about yesterday’s shooting at Ft. Hood, Texas.

He said: “….blah blah blah, while authorities blah blah find the cause for this incident blahbubity blah.” (italics mine.)

Excuse me? Did you just say something or someone caused the officer to open fire and kill his comrades?

Cause implies prevention. If germs cause colds, prevent them by washing your hands. Onions cause heartburn? Avoid onions. Affair cause divorces; avoid affairs.

There’s a pretty simple cause and effect at work.

But there was no cause to a man deciding to kill innocent people.

I see the spin a’comin and it ain’t pretty.

See, the long war, caused Major Nidal Malik Hasan to open fire, is what we’re going to be fed. Er, I mean told. The prospect of overseas deployment caused him to feel his only recourse was to fire rounds into flesh to explode brains and hearts.

Crap. Total and unmitigated C.R.A.P.

The cause was set in place long ago, when a woman saw an apple and ate it. We’re still feeling those consequences.

I could live with it if the pundits and spokespersons and even the President said, “We’re working hard to find out why the major decided to open fire.”

Then they can talk about his issues with the war and deployment and fighting.

But spare me the cause. I know the cause.



Today I’m praying for: Evelyn, Marilyn, Lindseylyn. Not really, just Lindsey, but I was going for a –lyn triumvirate.

Last movie: The Pact – a TV movie based on a Jodi Picoult novel. The movie just hinted at the layers and depth in the book.

Currently reading:  Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk and Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich.


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