Red, White, and Whatchacall It

I watched the CMAs last night and mostly enjoyed it. Taylor Swift was gorgeous and genuine. What a hoot to see Hootie singin’ country (and winning for Best New Artist).

My only “What in the world…?” moment was with the Judds who gave Hootie … er… Darius, his award.

Wynonna was orange. Hair, skin, everything. Just weird. Her mom Naomi was a kind of creepy, stretched tight, botoxed, buffed and shined version of herself. Her face and décolletage weren’t even the same color. Come on, girls.

Loved everything else.


  1. Hilarious post, Carrie!
    I also enjoyed the CMAs and I'm not a country music fan.
    Gotta love that Taylor Swift...what a doll!
    And, who doesn't love Carrie Underwood? She's a class act for sure!
    Couldn't agree with you more about those Judds. I couldn't even look at 'em. It was almost as bad as those who try-out for American Idol that "think" they can sing. I'm sure the Judd women's loved ones saw what they looked like and didn't have the nerve to say, "You goin' out lookin' like that?"