Invisibility: Curse or Blessing

I’ve long thought that I have intermittent invisibility. I’ve tried to narrow it down, but it happens when I’m holding a fist full of cash or have empty pockets. When my arms are laden with packages and bags, or free and open. When I’m alone or with others. Although… it doesn’t usually happen when I’m with the Perfect Grand-daughter, so apparently she’s not invisible.

I used to hate it. I still do, mostly.

I can stand in line for coffee, help/info in a store, sit at a friend’s table. The people in front of me or all around me are offered help. I wait patiently. Finally, it’s my turn. I think. The barista/clerk/friend smiles, sighs as if to say “Great, all done.” Then turn and walk away.

My response varies, depending on hormones and need for caffeine. I may speak up and say “What about me, Moron?” No, I don’t use “Moron,” even though I want to. I may just sigh, cross my arms, and wait for another few minutes until someone else comes along to help me. Sometimes I just help myself. Baristas don’t look at it like that though. They get a little perturbed if I strap on an apron and fire up the foamer.

I often give others the benefit of the doubt, thinking Well, they probably didn’t realize I’m waiting too, they’ll figure it out and be back. Sometimes they do. Usually not.

I’ve left.

I’ve left and then returned to tell someone, “Hey, I was waiting, too and you just ignored me so you lost a sale.” Then I go somewhere else, but all I did was cost myself more time and aggravation.

I’ve decided to use my invisibility super powers for good. I’m still working on what that looks though.



Today, I’m praying for: DJ, Amber, Evelyn, Patti.

Currently reading: The Husband by Dean Koontz. Oh my. It’s wonderful! I can’t wait to get back to it.

Last movie: Twilight

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