A Miserable Mass

I think it's a line in The Princess Bride: "You miserable vomitous mass."

That was me.

Now I've shared and I feel really, really bad. As soon as I realized I didn't feel good, I didn't kiss my husband, I barely shared oxygen in the same room with him. He slept in the guest room.

He got it anyway.

He's an awesome nursemaid when someone in the family is sick. He's the one making soup and fetching 7Up and making pudding.

Not me. When I'm sick, I like to be left alone to suffer in silence and peace. He likes to be succored so he renders aid and comfort when he's sick. I leave the patient alone.

We've both learned how to be there for the other. He leaves me mostly alone, and just pops in to check on me. And I do appreciate his willingness to fetch me a pudding cup and a straw. And now I offer to heat soup or bring him a box of tissues.

I had my 24 hours in bed. It's his turn now. Guess I should check our supply of jello. And Ensure.

Today I prayed for: my church, our president, David, Amber.

Last movie: Shrek 3rd - hey I was sick.

Last book: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Last meal: Turkey and mashed potatoes but I think I need to go make some soup.


  1. I'm sorry y'all have been sick. Hope you are on the mend FAST. When is Kihei?

  2. I am glad you were better in time for the shower!