Book Talk Tuesday


Over the weekend, I finished Liz Curtis Higg’s latest book, Mine is the Night.

    Here Burns My Candle


The books are retellings of the biblical book of Ruth, set in Scotland in the mid-18th century.

The saga started with Here Burns My Candle. It’s the story of young Elisabeth Kerr, married to the faithless Donald. Faithless in more ways than one.

When Donald dies, Elisabeth may either return home to the highlands of Scotland, or stay with her mother-in-law and travel to a strange town and a new life. Mine Is The Night begins with their journey from Edinburgh to Lady Kerr’s home parish. Penniless widows, the women are forced to depend on the kindnesses of distant relatives, as well as Elisabeth’s skill with a needle.

I love how Liz takes a familiar tale and breathes new life into it with her characters. Even though we know the ending, I was still fearful something would keep Elisabeth from marrying Lord Jack Buchanan.

I enjoyed both these books, and am eager to hear what Liz is working on next.

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