Once Again

I've done it again. Gone more than a week without posting. More than two weeks. In fact, darn close to four weeks. How? When I promised to post regularly, made it a goal and a priority.

Life gets in the way. Again.

It's a good reminder of the importance of prioritizing and then sticking to it. It's important to floss and I manage to fit it in every day. Exercise is important, and now that I have specific exercises to strengthen my ankle, I usually get them done. Eating and drinking, check. On Facebook, yep, not a problem.

But placing tush on chair and writing? There's always something else that can be done. Then the phone rings or something else happens. And once again, I decide to put it off and write later.

There's the key. I decided what to do, how to spend my time. I only get so many words allotted to me per day and if I use them up posting to friends on Facebook, then I don't have enough to pour into my manuscript.

Sometimes all it takes is getting started, then the momentum carries me through to other tasks. I think I'll go write and do a task I've been putting off.


  1. Facebook robs a LOT of time...ask me how I know. :)

  2. I've been meaning to ask where you've been lately. Nice. to read a new post