Cranky and Okay With It

I'm not a political junky.

I have friends who can (and do) debate stuff for hours. I'm good for ten, maybe fifteen minutes and then I'd rather talk about books or movies or food.

So, I think I've been more than patient with the Obama-steria sweeping the nation for the last few months.

But I've reached my limit.

I quit watching Good Morning, America when Joan Lunden was on. She lost me when she treated a (Christian musician) guest with disdain. Then she had one of my favorite authors, Dick Francis, on and instead of intelligent questions about his books and writing, she insisted on asking him about being a jockey for the British royal family.

In the last few months, if I watch morning tv, I tend to flip between the big three. Until Tuesday. Now I'm down to two and GMA is out again.

In a story about the resurgence of gardening in this country, they showed Michelle Obama at a community garden, calling for a wheelbarrow. Okay, photo op, whatever. She was wearing a black dress, it looked like wool, and heels. Not dressed for gardening. The commentator then said that the First Lady is responsible for the new interest in growing vegetables.


There is a recession going on, people. Gardening always increases when times are tough. They have since Adam and Eve were banished from the garden and put to work.

Then today I was getting physical therapy. They have a few televisions scattered around to keep us occupied while riding a stationary bike or trying to pick up quarters with our toes. Today it was tuned to Fox News. There was a sports story about possibly changing the college football bowls to a playoff system. And then the pronouncement: President Obama is in favor of the playoff proposal.


Shouldn't he be working on the economy, piracy, or swine flu? Or even gardening?

I'm not an Obama-hater. I do think he's too experienced for his job. And I didn't vote for him. But he is my President and I respect him.

But I don't have to salivate for all things Obamaesque. Like I said, I'm done with the hysteria.

Today I prayed for: Richard, Carol, Margaret, Katie & Anna.

Currently reading: The Geometry of Sisters by LuAnne Rice

Last meal: Toasted roast beef sandwich at Betty's/Uncle Harry's.

Last movie: Hmmm... I think it was Tribute, a Lifetime movie. Meh (said with a shrug).

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