A Wee Visit to Scotland

I’m a huge Liz Curtis Higgs fan. Like all her fiction readers, I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for her newest release. I finally got my hands on it and finished it yesterday.

It’s wonderful.

Set in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1745 and ‘46, during the Jacobite rebellion, Here Burns My Candle is a fictional retelling of the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi.

Dowager Lady Marjory Kerr dotes on her grown sons. Lady Elisabeth Kerr loves her husband, Lord Donald, the eldest of Lady Marjory two sons.

If you know the story of Ruth, then you know where things are headed.

What I love about Liz’s books is that even though you know the story and events, she is able to put real people with their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions into the novel and make it come alive.

I know it’s fiction, but I found myself thinking, “I’m sure Naomi really did feel like that,” or “Oh, I get why Ruth was so willing, nae, adamant about going with Naomi and leaving her family.”

I also found bits of the auld tongue slipping into my thoughts. 

Liz is a gifted story teller and I loved Here Burns My Candle as much as her earlier stories about Leanna, Rose, Jamie, and Davina.

Here Burns My Candle doesn’t finish the whole story. In fact, it covers just the first few verses of the book of Ruth. I can’t wait for the next installment.

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