Mental Note: Come November…

My mail box is stuffed full of mailers and flyers and letters and postcards from all the primary election candidates. I get calls every day from local volunteers or recorded calls from elected officials, current and former. The former Vice-President, the current governator, and lots of others, have all called to urge me to vote for Meg/Carly/Steve/Bruce/Don/Cecelia.

This will serve as my official notice to all candidates.

I throw your mail in the trash without looking at it.

I hang up on your automated calls.

I erase your phone messages.

I make my decision based on what I read in the newspaper, see on the news, read on your websites, and from other voters of like mind.

I’m considering a different tack for November.

I think I’ll keep all the mail and sort it into stacks of who it’s from. I’ll keep a log of phone calls.

Come November, I’ll be voting for the candidate who spent the least amount courting me and harassing me.

I’m Carrie Padgett and I approved this blog post.


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Today I’m praying for: Evelyn, Dave, Stacey, and Toni.

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  1. I like this idea...think I'll try it too.