A Strong Foundation

As I get older, I’m appreciating the wisdom of a good basis. For an argument, a building, whatever. Even makeup. I now use a primer on my face before applying foundation and also a primer on my eyelids that keeps my shadow from smearing and/or sweating off.

         urban decay primer potion                                             prime time

My husband is building a planter out of concrete blocks. He’s cementing them into place, starting from the bottom and working up. They’ll be on a small incline in the backyard, so they are uneven, meaning one end of the wall will be eight rows high, while the lower end will only be four or five rows high. This is a structural feat requiring patience and a well laid foundation.

My life needs a foundation, too. What I do each day is what I value. If I spend more minutes playing on Facebook or Mahjongg, I must value those activities more than reading or studying my Bible or talking with friends or cleaning the toilet or preparing meals.

My friend/mentor/instructor James Scott Bell tweeted this quote last week:

In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia. - Robert Heinlein

As I said, we need a foundation to build our day on.

Correction: I need a foundation to build my day on.


Today I’m praying for: Elnora, Toni, Tony, and Mark McGwire

Last book read: Love Walked In by Merrilee Whren

Last movie: Lars and the Real Girl – possibly the quirkiest and sweetest film I’ve ever seen

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