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I'm on vacation and I was so busy the week before that I forgot to write and schedule this week's blog posts. I'm hoping the ol' laptop doesn't fail me now.


I'm almost done with Jodi Picoult's Picture Perfect.  I'm enjoying it, but it's very different for her other novels that I've read. It's one of her early works and I definitely see how her craft has grown and deepened. Cassie is an amnesiac anthropologist. Her husband is an abusive Hollywood mega-star. It sounds more like a Danielle Steel novel, but Picoult has made me believe in Cassie.

My first Jodi Picoult was My Sister's Keeper. I loved it, even the ending. Lots of people hate the ending, but for me, it was the only way it could end and be consistent with all the characters.

I also read The Tenth Circle and loved it. The movie was very good. I didn't really buy Ron Eldard as the conflicted father but Kelly Preston did a great job as the mother. The teenage characters were believeable. This book should be required reading for every parent of teens in our country.

In my humble opinion, Jodi Picoult is one of the best writers publishing today. Her characters are real, even in unreal situations.

I also found a couple of movies based on Picoult's works that I watched in the last few months. Of course, the theatrical version of Sister's Keeper did pretty well, in spite of changing the ending 180 degrees.

The Pact could have been great. It was just mediocre as a movie.

The Plain Truth was excellent. Mariska Hargitay as an investigator who lives with an Amish family while trying to figure out what happened to the baby found dead. Part Agnes of God and part Witness, the movie is worth adding to your DVR or Netflix queue.

Praying for: Cindy's father in law, Josh, Tony, and Avila

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