Woe! It’s Wednesday…

I’m feeling a bit melancholy today.

It’s my sister’s birthday and no one knows if she’s speaking to us or not. She never returns calls or responds to messages/texts/smoke signals. When someone does find her, she insists she’s fine. It’s pretty obvious she’s not, but I don’t know what or how to “fix” it. I sent a card. I’ll try to call in a bit. I don’t expect either to be welcomed.

My daughter has a big birthday coming up. She’s going after her dreams and that’s exciting. I’m very proud of her and love her lots. I want her to be happy and to have everything her heart desires. At the same time,  we believe God is sovereign and He sometimes withholds things we think we want because He has something even better in store. It just gets hard to wait and trust.

There are some other strained family relationships just now, and occasions like birthdays, graduations, really any kind of celebration, brings all that angst to the foreground. And if the dozen funerals I’ve attended in the last ten months have shown me anything, it’s that we can’t take tomorrow for granted.

I let my domain name, carriepadgett.com, expire and some other Carrie Padgett snapped it up. Carriepadgett.net is still available though.

In the last 24 hours, my friend’s daughter was robbed at gunpoint, another friend was in a car accident (she’s okay), my brother’s adopted baby is beginning to move down the birth canal and preparing to make her entrance, and my dog got to go for a ride in the car. He loves it and doesn’t get to very often, so it was an unexpected treat for him. 

Life is full of surprises. Some good. Others, not so much.

My point is, we may not get a chance to change things, to make amends, to say “I’m sorry,” or “I love you,” or “I’ve missed you.”

Don’t let your day be full of regrets and wondering ‘what if.’

I’m preaching to myself now, but the problem is, I can see the issues, I just don’t know how to fix them. I can’t force prideful and selfish people to see things from another’s point of view. I can’t take someone else’s burdens from their shoulders.

All I can do is listen, pray, ask questions, and hope.

Time to make a phone call…


Today, I’m praying for: DJ and that dratted Bar exam, Marissa, Shawna, and Bob.

Currently reading: The Homecoming by Dan Walsh

Last movie: The Object of My Affections – missed it when it was new and caught it on TV. There’s a reason I didn’t bother to see it before now.

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