Book Talk Tuesday: Let’s Go To The Movies


I’m in the middle of several books, including two that I’m dissecting and highlighting. I’m getting lots of reading and work done, but I haven’t finished reading a book in over a week now.

So, today I thought I’d talk about movies.

I have a rule that I (usually) follow: If a movie is based on book, read the book first, then prepare to be disappointed.

Sometimes I don’t realize a movie is based on a book. Sometimes, if a movie offer is spur of the moment, I haven’t gotten to the book yet.

The Hunger GamesI saw a trailer recently for The Hunger Games and I was really intrigued. I’ve heard about the books of course, and figured I’d get to them eventually, but the movie looks really good. I’ll likely move the book higher on my list to get around to.

My husband and I both read Water for Elephants and enjoyed it a lot. The movie was good, but there just wasn’t room for the depth of emotion that the book managed to evoke.  

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One of the best recent movies that was based on a book: The Help. Kathryn Stockett - Book InformationKathryn Stockett - Book InformationKathryn Stockett - Book Information


They had to change some details for the sake of time but I thought they did a great job getting the important stuff into the movie. The characters were good, although (it’s probably just me), I felt Skeeter made the poorest transition to the screen. Minnie and Abileen, Hillie and Elizabeth, and especially Celia were spot on.

I’m also looking forward to One For the Money based on the first Stephanie Plum book by Janet Evanovich. I’m not sure about Katherine Heigl as Stephanie, but I’m willing to give her a chance. One for the Money Poster I thought Sandra Bullock could have done Stephanie in her sleep, but no one consulted me about the casting.

What’s your favorite movie that’s based on a book?

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