Woe! It’s Wednesday: Me First!


I’ve told my husband that 2012 is the year of ME. He’s … somewhat supportive. A bit more after I clarified exactly what I meant.



I’ve been writing for about twelve years now. I’ve been writing full time from home for about seven years. When I worked, I thought my job was the reason I couldn’t get my novel done and submitted.

When I quit work, I lost that rationale.

Then, it was because of his job. Yes, he works crazy hours and shifts. Yes, his days off are different every week. True, I never know when he’ll be home or at work. Truly, it changes almost daily. So the randomness of our schedule was blamed for awhile.

Then family stuff started cropping up. Grandchildren need play time with Grammy. Parents and in-laws and other family need our time and attention. I said one of the reasons I quit working outside the home was to be more available for family and friends.  Another “reason” to not get novel number three done.

Recently, I’ve gotten more freelance jobs and work-for-hire projects. I always say a paying assignment has to come before my own spec work.

But this year, 2012, I’ve decided is the year I write more and the year I submit more.

Sometimes it will mean I can’t go to coffee or lunch or drop everything to do something for someone else. I have to put myself first.

This is such a foreign concept to me. I’ve made a career out of dropping whatever I was doing when I was “needed.” I’m rethinking what that “need” looks like, as well as evaluating if it’s more important than what I’m working on.

Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t.

I’m praying for discernment and self-discipline.

Sometimes the discernment is easy:

Stay home and work or go to a movie? Work.

Sometimes it’s not quite as easy: Stay home and work or go to lunch with the family? I chose family and I’m pretty sure that was the right choice. It meant I had to work until 8:30 last night to meet my goals for the day, but it was worth it.

So far, 2012 is looking to be a very productive year.

What are your goals for 2012?


  1. I've been struggling with that, too. It's so hard to find that balance, especially when you've lived years on a flexible schedule that allows you to do fun things with friends and family! Praying we can both manage our schedules!

    1. Thanks for the prayers, D'Ann! I can only imagine how much more challenging it will be to have outside deadlines to meet as well as my own. I'll pray for you too!