Book Talk Tuesday: Shadows on the Sand

I’ve been a Gayle Roper fan for a long time, but I haven’t read anything by her in a couple of years.

When I started Shadows on the Sand, I exhaled and smiled. It was like coming home to a familiar and safe haven. I heard Gayle in every sentence.


Shadows on the Sand by Gayle Roper

Set in Seaside, New Jersey, like Gayle’s Seaside Season’s books, Shadows on the Sand is also a stand alone. Clooney, the beach scavenger from the other books has a more prominent role in this one.

Carrie Carter fled an abusive and dangerous home at sixteen with her younger sister. They made a new life in Seaside and Carrie now owns the café where she got her first job.

Greg Barnes is slowing coming back to life after a horrific personal loss. Part of his recovery is thanks to Carrie and his daily breakfast at her café.

Complications ensue when Carrie’s dishwasher is murdered and her newest waitress, Clooney’s niece Andi, disappears.

As Greg and Carrie grow closer, they also draw nearer to the evil that is visiting Seaside.

Gayle writes a gripping story that will keep you turning the pages. I stayed up way too late finishing Shadows on the Sand.

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