Book Talk Tuesday: A Pair of Shorties

I did quite a bit of reading last week and finished two books that had been recommended as short and quick but enriching reads. They were that.

First, I read The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson.

The first half of the book is a parable about a Nobody with a Big Dream. He decides to leave Familiar to pursue the dream. Along the way, he has to leave Comfort Zone and get past Border Bullies and Giants.

The rest of the book is Wilkinson’s teaching about each point of the story.

One item really poked at my complacence. When talking about three common traps we fall into as we pursue our dream, he mentioned being too passive and saying it’s “all in God’s timing anyway.”


I’ve said those words. Even believed them.

But 2012 is the year of ME and I’ve been actively pursuing my dream so I was able to pull out the stinger without too much trouble.

The second book I read was A Place Called Blessing by John Trent.

This was also a parable about a young man named Josh who experienced heart break and rejection until he met a man at work and the man’s mother. Josh turned from an angry loner into a healed and whole man, thanks to his friends and their choices to bless Josh instead of let him be alone and miserable.

Both books are very good and I recommend them.

I have a few more shorties still on my nightstand. Check back next week to see if I’ve finished.

What are some of your favorite “short” reads?

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