Book Talk Tuesday: The Goodbye Quilt

I’ve been a Susan Wiggs fan for about a year now and I’ve read six or seven of her books. I’ve even reviewed several of them here. I enjoy sewing and knitting and quilting so when I saw The Goodbye Quilt I knew I wanted to read it.

It’s very different from Susan’s other books.



The Goodbye Quilt is a gentle story about a mom and her daughter driving across the country to deliver the daughter to her prestigious college.

Linda is a quilter working on a memory quilt for Molly’s dorm room. Both mother and daughter use the journey to work out some issues. Molly is in love and leaving her boyfriend under protest.

Linda gave up a college education and is firm that Molly not lose her opportunity.

The ending is satisfactory with an epilogue far into the future so the reader can see the results of all the decisions made on the pages of the book.

This is the kind of story that is easy to imagine was sparked by a real event. It’s also the kind of story that a previously unpublished writer would find impossible to sell.

Susan Wiggs fans will enjoy it. I wouldn’t recommend it as your first Susan Wiggs book. Start with one or three of the Lakeshore Chronicles,  clip_image002 then pick up The Goodbye Quilt.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite author who’s written an atypical book?

Off the top of my head, I can think of John Grisham and his sports books instead of the legal thrillers. Also James Patterson – a friend told me recently that she loved Suzanne’s Diary For Nicholas and she felt Patterson was better at writing romance than his usual stuff. Last week’s review mentioned Earlene Fowler and her quilting mysteries as well as her two stand alones.

Anyone else?

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