Woe! It’s Wednesday: Coffee Cup Wisdom


Coffee Cup Wisdom

I love coffee cups. Their succinct wit captures me every time. One of my favorites was a Christmas gift last year from my daughter. I bought a shirt at Disneyland with the same sentiment a few months earlier so she added to my collection.


Mine coffee cup

If you haven’t seen Finding Nemo, grab a kid and watch it ASAP.

The seagulls fight over food scraps while squawking, “MINE! MINE! MINE!”

They are so busy worrying about what’s theirs and not letting it get away that they miss the story unfolding around them.

It’s what I have a tendency to do also.

I think about what I’m owed. 

I mull over what I did.

I wonder if anyone will thank me.

I’m concerned with how I look.

Hmmm … I’m noticing a pattern here.

It’s all about me and what’s mine and making sure that I get what’s mine and what’s coming to me.

How sad. I don’t want my life to be summed up as It’s all about me. I want to be remembered as someone who put others above herself. Who loved unconditionally. Who wasn’t worried about getting what she deserved.

I’m a Christian. I’ve already gotten what I don’t deserve. Grace. Forgiveness. Mercy.

May I pass on those things and quit squawking about what’s mine. 

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