Book Talk Tuesday: Chasing Mona Lisa

I’d heard some great things about this book but also read a few that were less glowing.

I’m on the good to excellent side. Maybe not fabulous, but certainly worth picking up.

Chasing Mona Lisa

Chasing Mona Lisa by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey is a sequel to The Swiss Courier by the same duo. I have not read The Swiss Courier so I was concerned if that might be a problem.

It wasn’t a problem exactly. More like a barrier.

I liked the story and had no problems following the different threads.

Chasing Mona Lisa is about Gabi and Eric, characters from the first book, as well as Bernard and Colette, another couple. Paris is liberated in the early pages and the two couples race the Nazis to retrieve the Mona Lisa that had been secreted away from Paris and the Louvre.

The book is tightly plotted and well written. My only problem stems from not seeing Gabi and Eric’s relationship grow. Colette and Bernard were supposed to be equally in love, but I never felt connected to them in a way that let me into their relationship. When one suspects the other of being a double agent, I had no emotional investment in the outcome.

Over all, I enjoyed it and I recommend it. It’s probably a good idea to start with The Swiss Courier though, so you can join Gabi and Eric for their journey to love and “happily ever after.”

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