Just Another Day in Paradise...

Post number two from vacation! I wasn't sure I'd get even one in so this is great!

We've had a lovely time and I haven't been homesick hardly at all. As I get older, I seem to tolerate longer periods away from home than I used to. Or maybe it's that my kids are older and don't need me as much. Used to be a week was my limit, ten days was really pushing it. And we only did a trip that long without kids once or twice.

Four years ago we did 12 days here. This one is 16 nights away from home, although only 13 are in Hawaii.

I do miss my girls and my dogs, but we've been so busy that I've been occupied and not dwelling on them. I don't really miss the cat. Which is weird since we get along fine. She's really pretty demanding when she wants affection. She likes to cuddle. On my chest while she kneads with her claws. Then a dog will move suddenly or the phone will ring and she'll peel out, leaving scratches on my neckline. I like wearing my scoop neck Ts and the only accessory is my new whale tail necklace.

Today's agenda is relaxing, maybe a walk to the beach. Tomorrow, snorkeling and dolphin and whale watching around Lanai.

Today I'm praying for: Will, Evelyn, Kate.

Currently reading: The Brethren by John Grisham

Last meal: bacon, frittata, papaya, mango, and coffee

Last movie seen: Can't remember...

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