Kindness or a Lawsuit?

Before we went on the ill-fated snorkel cruise where I broke my ankle, we had to sign liability waivers, stating that if we were injured or killed we wouldn't sue the Pacific Whale Foundation. I signed it. And would sign it again.

(When I loaded my tote bag the night before though, something told me to add my insurance card to the pocket with my license and debit card. Good thing I heeded that still, small voice.)

Anyway, when I fell and was obviously injured, the crew was very nice and solicitous, with just a touch of "I told you so" in their attitudes. Yes, the captain had warned everyone about how rough the crossing would be and encouraged us to stay seated inside. But given a choice between standing out front where I could see the approaching waves or trapped inside with all the seasick folks, I'd still take my chances outside.

They got ice for me and offered to skip the second snorkel site and return me to the dock and call an ambulance. I opted to go on to the snorkel location because I didn't want a literal boat-load of people mad at me for cutting short their expedition. Although there were probably more seasick people who would have thanked me for cutting short their misery.

The next day, after we knew the ankle was broken, David called the Pacific Whale Foundation, just to give them an update and let them know what was going on. He left a message that he was calling about the injury the day before and he was promised a return call.

A call that never came. I know the call wasn't returned because they were expecting threats of a lawsuit or other bad news.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We knew the risks when we chose to stand up front. We signed the waiver. We're not people who think someone else is always to blame for anything bad that happens. We've even been called nice people. David simply thought someone might like to know how I was doing.

That's what he gets for thinking, I guess. How sad.


Today I prayed for: Taryn, Clayton, Acting Surgeon General Rear Admiral Steven K. Galson, Kim, and Lisa.

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Last meal: grilled ckn, rice, beans, and tortilla at a going away lunch for David. He starts his new assignment Wednesday.

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  1. Carrie, it's so nice to meet someone who doesn't try to take advantage of an accident to make a pile of dough. I applaud you for being an honest person!