What's Up With That?

We're all delicately balanced pieces of craftsmanship.

David's physical self has to be perfectly balanced or he feels sick. His finetuning is to the extent that if he has 12 ounces of coffee in the morning, instead of his usual 16, he'll get a headache. The next day.

I'm more about the emotional balance. When I'm sick or in pain, it takes all of my coping tank to deal with ordinary things. If something extra comes up, I'm on empty and it overwhelms me. I cry, I mope, I can't deal. Which is how I know something is going on.

I've been in pain off and on for the last 4 weeks. I'm on a vicious cycle of feeling good for 2-3 days, then being stopped by crippling pain. The pain pills work, so it's not like I'm lying around in agony. But if I watch a sentimental movie or get a nice phone call from a friend, or David or a family member folds my laundry, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and struck by what a miserable selfish horrible person I am.

No balance. So, this week, I'm working toward finetuning my pain management with my emotions.

And let me know if this video moves you like it did me. Or am I just a lost cause? This had me weeping.


Praying today for: Amber, Tom, Joyce, Katie and Mel

Currently reading: Revision and Self-Editing by James Scott Bell

Last movie: Facing the Giants

Last meal: Leftover lamb and roasted potatoes

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  1. About the video:You were right. It was very touching - weeping fully acceptable.
    About your last movie: Facing the Giants is one of my favorites. We own it and just recently re-watched it. It always makes me cry especially when the coach is going around the locker room and asking the kids, "What's impossible with God?" Gets me everytime!