International Phenom

I first saw the video of Susan Boyle Sunday evening. By Tuesday everyone was talking about it. It's been on the web and television. Ms Boyle was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America today. I've seen the video a dozen times so far.

The first time, I thought it amazing and got a little choked up. You'd think the tear factor would lessen with more watching.

Wrong. It's getting worse.

I was in full cry today watching it on GMA.

I think it's watching this woman, unassuming in appearance, with a tremendous confidence. She's not bothered by the laughs and condescension she was getting when she strode onto the stage. Then she opened her mouth and the confidence made perfect sense.

But she didn't swagger off or smirk even a little. She was genuinely thrilled that the judges and audience agreed with her estimation: she has a voice worth listening to.

What a change from so many of the American Idol wannabes. Their confidence is often misplaced.

So how do you know? How do you know if you've got the talent to make your dream come true?

I'm told I'm a good writer. My mentors, teachers, critiquers say I'm going to make it. For my purposes, "making it" means publishing a novel with a traditional royalty paying publishing house.

I think my stuff is publishable. I know I'm not Anne Lamott. Or Janet Evanovich. But I think I do a pretty darn good Carrie Padgett.

I'd be curious to know if Susan Boyle ever doubted her talent. Or if she's always been certain that she'd a singer and she just had to wait for the right time and venue to see her purpose fulfilled.

It's a joy to watch Ms Boyle's dreams come true as she opens her mouth and turns scoffers into fans. I'll watch it again. And cry again.

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  1. Don't give up until the Lord tells you to. Keep doing it if you love it. I'm praying for you.