Great Books

I just got back from a writer’s conference. I came away encouraged about my own writing journey.

I was also reminded about how important it is for us all to share books we love and to recommend them to our friends.

So, to pay it forward, here are some of the best books I’ve read in the last few months:

(Disclaimer: they are written by friends, acquaintances, and complete and utter strangers. I wouldn’t say I liked it only to be nice.)             

liz candle I’m in the middle of Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs. So far, I love it. Liz is simply the best at what she does: bring Biblical truths alive by retelling Old Testament stories with fictional characters set in auld Scotland. This one is about Lady Marjory Kerr and her family (think Ruth and Naomi).


Other recent reads:

leavingyesterdaysm Leaving Yesterday by Katie Cushman. Katie’s books get better and better. This one is about the mother of a prodigal who discovers evidence that her son may have committed a horrible crime. Should she hide the evidence and give him a fresh start?

ashorethingsm A Shore Thing by Julie Carobini hasn’t released yet, but it’ll be out in July, perfect for reading on a sandy beach somewhere. Callie Duflay loves all of God’s creation. Except maybe that new architect in town who seems bent on developing the last unobstructed shoreline in the area.


bs_NBT  Two new ones from Susan May Warren are Nothing But Trouble and Double Trouble. Trouble follows PJ Sugar across the country and back home to Minnesota. No matter her intentions, she seems to mess up her life. I love the humor and situations PJ gets into. The writing is wonderful, too.


More to come as I continue to read, but I hope that will give you some ideas if you’re flipping through amazon or bn.com or the local library.


Last movie: Election – I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad that I managed to live so many years without seeing that one.

Today, I’m praying for: Mel, Tom, Kim, and Rosie.

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