A Shore Thing is a sure winner




I just finished Julie Carobini’s upcoming summer release, A Shore Thing.

Julie has created a charming Central California Coast village, Otter Bay. It reminds me a little of Moro Bay and a little of Cambria, both idyllic seaside communities.

Callie Duflay believes in leaving the slightest carbon footprint she can. She’s aghast to discover the last stretch of open coastland is slated to be developed. She organizes a community coalition to fight the proposal.

Gage Mitchell is an architect who designs buildings to fit into their environment without unduly taxing the natural resources.

Callie and Gage discover you can disagree about important issues even while your heart insists on following its own path.

I really enjoyed A Shore Thing. Julie created believable characters who aren’t too good to be true. They struggle with reconciling what they believe with how they live.

I highly recommend A Shore Thing.

In the interest of full disclosure and something about blogs and free books and the IRS, I have to say that I read an advanced reader copy of the book that I received for free. And Julie is a friend. But, as anyone in my critique group will attest, just because I like you doesn’t mean I won’t tell the truth about your writing. So, you can believe me: Julie is a good writer. She’ll touch your heart and make you think a bit about your own carbon footprint. She does it not with preaching at her reader, but with a believable character who lives a realistic life.

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