Straight as a Cable Car

I was in San Francisco for the day recently and I rode a cable car. I think for the first time. Even though I grew up (mostly) in the East Bay area, we seldom made it to the city. And when we did, we had places to be and didn’t take time to ride the tourist attraction.

But besides being a novelty to get tourists to part with their cash, the cable cars also make darn good transportation up and down those famous hills.

For one leg of the trip, I ended up perched on the outside of the car, clinging to a pole. I set myself firmly on my feet, girded my belongings on my shoulders, and gripped the pole like a third grader on the playground when the bell rings.

But, the death grip turned out to be overkill.

I never felt unsafe, or about to lose my footing. I hardly even shifted my weight from one foot to the other because of the car’s movement.

It took a day or two to figure out why.

The cable car goes in a straight line. It’s attached to cables and rails under the ground. It felt even more stable than a train on rails. Now the car we were on didn’t even go around a corner, so I may be way off on my conclusion, but I decided the straight path made all the difference.

There was no veering off the track because the cable car never shifted from its straight course.

We got where we were going with minimal discomfort, in a timely manner, and with no annoying and useless detours.

Wouldn’t life be easier if I did the same?

Followed my path. Didn’t get distracted. Just kept going. Up. Down. Ahead.


Currently reading: Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. I enjoyed (mostly, with a few reservations) her Eat, Pray, Love. She still has lots to say and lots to make me think about and she does it with lovely writing.

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Today I’m praying for: Mary Lou’s family, Katy, and Gerry Adams, Irish politician/activist.

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