Book Talk Tuesday

Last week I talked about some early favorites from my childhood. This week, it’s on to my kids’ favorites.

They both loved Bunnicula. The story of a vampire bunny tickled their funny bone. I enjoyed it too.

One of our favorites was The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It’s now a classic. Bestxmaspageantever.png And for good reason. It gives one of the best illustrations of the Christmas story found anywhere outside a church. It’s probably better than some from inside a church, too.

Cam Jensen was to my daughter what Donna Parker and Trixie Belden were to me. And what Junie B. Jones is to my grand-daughter.

Frances is a badger, but she’s also a little girl with a baby sister and all the problems and issues that entails. The books stand alone well. They even work without the badger element. They’re simply stories about children and the trouble they get into.

What are some current favorites?

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