Woe! It’s Wednesday


Our dogs are naughty. That’s been established. Jake even has his own Facebook page to prove it.

Jake and Harry picked a fight with a neighbor dog who was minding his own business, walking down our road with his owner.

It got ugly.

We’re installing an electronic fence to keep the bad, bad, very bad dogs contained on our property. We have over two acres, plenty of room to run around. But noooo, they had to run to the neighbor’s to check and see if their dogs could play or if there was something more interesting going on.

Their world is about to change. We hope to have the fence up and running by the end of this week. We planned to be all done but… you know that saying, Measure twice, cut once?

We should have measured thrice, ordered once. We ran out of electronic wire before we ran out of yard. More has been ordered and we’re waiting.

But what’s bothered me most in this whole saga, is what happened after the naughty bad dogs picked the fight and the owner came over to talk/yell at us about it.

I know he was angry and he had every right to be. I’m not defending our dogs at all.


The neighbor stood in the middle of the street, yelling at the top of his lungs and stabbing his finger in the direction of every nearby house. “Those people hate your dogs. Those people complain about your dogs. Those people are mad at you because of your dogs.” Etc.

What bugs me is that not one person bothered to tell us that our dogs were being disruptive or intimidating or otherwise a problem.

So the issue escalated until they bullied another dog and a person got caught in the middle. Everyone is fine, by the way.

The neighbor wouldn’t listen to an apology or accept any attempt at amends. He’s mad and he’s going to stay that way. Which he has every right to. He also called county Animal Control (we’re in compliance! Everyone is licensed and vaccinated).

We had a similar situation several years ago with some landscaping that apparently the neighborhood felt impeded their sight at a stop sign. Someone called the county on our oleander bushes. They measured. Even though we’d been assured by the county before planting that they were in a legal spot, the county changed their mind and decided the plants were eighteen inches too close to the road. We moved them.

I’m upset because we’re surrounded by a bunch of immature neighbors who don’t have the maturity to come and talk to us about these issues. They hide behind their phones and make calls.

Come on, people. Be grown-ups. If there’s a problem, talk to the person it concerns first. If there’s no satisfaction, then call and file all the reports you want. Fill ‘em out to your heart’s content.

But, please, do the right thing first.


Today, I’m praying for Amber, Ginny, LoraLee, and Carol.

Currently reading: The Art of Racing in the Rain – see yesterday’s post for more on that.

Last movie: The Social Network – brilliant screenplay, great performances, but overall… a little flat.

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