Germ-o-phobe? Woe! It's Wednesday

Hasn't the health and medical community been telling us that we're going a little overboard on anti-bacterial soaps and gels? A certain level of germs is acceptable because it helps our immunity and resistance. And continually wipeing out all germs just breeds new super germs that are harder to suppress.

So I was in awe of a story on The Today Show this morning. They showcased all kinds of germ killing gadgets. Some of them ... I can see the point of. Some of them though... not so much.

A countertop sterilizer for baby bottles and toys and pacifiers: Sure.

A $40 "Cone of Sterility" (my name for it) to sanitize your cell phone: Pass

A flexible, rubber, washable keyboard: Okay, but because of food and coffee spills.

Another Cone of Sterility for your toothbrush: Ummm... you can buy an awful lot of toothbrushes for the cost of that gadget.

And for the germ-o-phobe with too much money and time on their hands, an ultraviolet wand that will kill germs on surfaces. You wave the wand and poof, no more germs. Isn't it just as easy to wipe a clean cloth over the surface? Since it's primarily friction that kills germs. When you're getting a shot or having blood drawn, a swipe with an alcohol-moistened cotton ball isn't going to do the job. The tech needs to rub vigorously for a few seconds. It's the friction, not the alcohol. The alcohol is used because it dries quickly, not because it kills germs.

I'm not saying filth is preferable to cleanliness, but I am saying we seem to gone a wee bit overboard in our battle against germs.

What say you?

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