Woe! It’s Wednesday

It seems like everyone is moaning about the weather. Friends across the country are posting on Facebook about the crazy weather they’re experiencing.

So I guess it’s not just me.

We live in the country and we can NOT keep up with the weeds. Hubby wanted to scrape them so as to limit the reseeding and spreading that seems to happen with mowing. We got a pretty good section of the back done.

Then last week it rained. On Friday, there was a new sea of green where just two days previously there had been brown bare dirt.

I mowed on Friday.

I pulled weeds by hand on Friday and Saturday.

Tuesday it rained.

I’m tired of weeds. I’ll take the rain, gladly, but I wish it didn’t bring germination of pesky plants in its wake.

The very worst are the puncture vines, also known as goatheads.


Life stages of Puncturevine

Picture from University of California

They stick to the soles of our shoes, then they embed themselves in the carpet and rugs and wait until I’m barefoot, then they SPROING and stab into the tender flesh of my foot. The really good ones let loose a little bit of toxin so I end up with an inflamed dot on my foot or finger if I dared to try to pick it out of the carpet first.

We can’t ride bikes in our neighborhood. We tried to give the kids bikes but they had perpetually flat tires.

The dogs pull up lame and hop in on three feet for help extracting the thorn.

Did I mention I hate weeds?

But that’s just me.

I have several friends who loathe snails. They feel the existence of a snail is a direct insult and they take it highly personally when one forages in their garden.

What natural element annoys you?

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