Book Talk Tuesday: The Quilter’s Apprentice

I’m interested in quilting and books and knitting and books and scrapbooking and books.

A friend recommended The Quilter’s Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini.


The Quilter’s Apprentice


I have read (and loved) Earlene Fowler’s Benni Harper mystery/quilting series, so I gave Chiaverini a try.

Sarah is new to Waterford, Pennsylvania. She and her husband moved for his job, but Sarah is having a hard time finding employment. She wants to try a different career after several years of number crunching as an accountant.

Cranky Mrs. Compson offers Sarah a job helping get Elm Creek Manor, Mrs. Compson’s ancestral home, ready to put on the real estate market. As part of her wages, Sarah bargains for quilting lessons and history stories. She and Sylvia Compson become friends. Sarah hears many stories from Sylvia about growing up at Elm Creek Manor. As Sarah also makes friends with some of the other local quilters, she decides to reconcile her new friend with her past and to keep Elm Creek Manor as it was meant to be: a home and a refuge.

The characters felt a bit cardboard-ish at first. The crotchety old lady with a hidden heart of gold. The naïve young wife. The family secret with two members not speaking. But as I got into the story, the characters did loosen up and became more human.

I enjoyed The Quilter’s Apprentice and I will read others by Chiaverini.

Thanks, Karen, for the recommendation!

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