Woe! It’s Wednesday. Cantankerous and Green

I’ve been doing some freelance writing on citrus diseases. Some of it’s boring and tedious but some of it’s quite fascinating.

I especially like the names of several of the diseases.




Sometimes, that about sums up my day.

I’ve been cantankerous (not quite the same, I know, but bear with me). Turning green over someone else’s blessing. And stubbornly holding onto my own way, my own view, my own selfish best interest.

Citrus diseases are spread through insect pests or transfer of plant material.

If I let the pest of jealousy nibble at me, I turn green. If I let old grudges fester and compost, the resentment spreads.

If I never smile at the barista or bank teller or courtesy clerk, I may be spreading my cranky mood when I could be spreading smiles and happy thoughts.

Time to apply some insecticide and kill the little pests.

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