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I’m not really into Amish fiction, but I read this one on a friend’s recommendation.

Amish Midwife


The Amish Midwife by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould.

Lexie is looking for answers. She was adopted into a Mennonite family in Oregon. With both parents now dead, it seems a good time to search for her birth family in Pennsylvania. Armed with a carved wooden box, some locks of hair, and a quilt, she arranges to work as a nurse-midwife in Pennsylvania.

A request from a friend of a friend brings her to Marta, a lay midwife with problems and secrets galore.

The authors did a good job weaving the various story threads together. I guessed the plot twists, but I still wanted to read how they explained the circumstances and they did a good job at that.

The Amish are portrayed lovingly, warts and all. The Plain lifestyle is neither patronized nor glorified.

I may just pick up another Amish fiction title one day!

Thanks again, Karen!

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