Woe! It’s Wednesday


I guess I wasn’t feeling passionately about anything last week because I didn’t post a woe last Wednesday.

It’s been a month now of being selfish and working hard.



It’s going well. I’ve gotten quite a bit done although I still have plenty of ideas and projects I’d like to work on.

I’ve started a new novel. It’s a historical which is a completely new genre for me. I’m enjoying the story and getting to know the characters.

I’m finishing up the current revisions of my contemporary romantic comedy. I’ve been told it’s time to set it aside and let it be, but I think I’m going to send it out to some new eyes. All they can do is say, “No.” Well, I guess they could delete it (and me) but that’s the same as a “NO!” so I’m no worse off.

I’m writing two articles for local magazines.

I’ve compiled several romance short stories and I’m getting ready to publish them as an ebook. Look for them in another month or so. I hope.

My days are more productive now that I’m being more intentional and protective of my writing time. I haven’t (yet) had to miss anything fun or any family events.

I’m just back from a mini-retreat with a friend. We spent two days writing, writing and then writing some more. We both have projects and needed some time to concentrate fully on the work. I made lots of progress.

Now, on to February!

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