Book Talk Tuesday: The Red Suit Diaries: A Real Life Santa on Hopes, Dreams, and Childlike Faith


The Red Suit Diaries: A Real-Life Santa on Hopes, Dreams, and Childlike FaithI’ve had this one on my Kindle for nearly a year. I read the first half shortly after Christmas. Then it slipped to the back of the list and I forgot about it. With the season quickly approaching again, I dipped back in and read to the end.

Ed Butchart is a part-time Santa and full time spreader of good cheer. Besides his Santa gig, Butchart founded a charity that repairs and distributes wheelchairs and other medical equipment.

Butchart tells how he began his Santa career as well as anecdotes about the children whose lives he’s touched and who have touched his. He takes his Santa seriously and is always mindful about what Santa says and does to the innocent.

The writing style is downhome and easy to read, but not simplistic. His love for what he does shines through. The book can be read straight through or a daily reader. The selections are fairly short and can be read in a single sitting.

Christians who disapprove of Santa as stealing Jesus’ spotlight during the Christmas season would get a different perspective. Butchart is an unapologetic evangelical Christian who melds his faith with Santa Claus.

I recommend this to start your Christmas season off right. Especially if you’re having a Bah! Humbug sort of year.

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