Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

My hair frustrates me.

Given the number of television commercials for hair products, I'm not alone. Although, what do I know? Maybe everyone else loves their hair.

Anyway, I'll be in Hawaii in 5 weeks and that poses a hair problem. The wind and the humidity conspire so my hair arrives in a room 2.75 minutes before the rest of me. Remember that Friends episode when the gang goes to Barbados and Monica's hair turns into a fuzzball? I'm pretty sure Marta Kaufman or David Crane saw me in Hawaii and I was the inspiration for that bit.
The last time we went to Maui I let my hair grow out some before we left, thinking I'd just wear it pulled back all the time. How'd that work, you ask? Here's a snap shot:
I know what you're thinking and I agree. Hideous.

So now I come to my problem for this year. I get a cut every eight weeks. And my stylist, by the way, is amazing. She is not to be blamed for anything and she gets all the credit when it does look good. Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I should get it cut right before we go. Avoid the 2005 issues.

I'll be experimenting with different tools and products in the next month and hopefully I'll find a solution that I can live with in the islands.
My tools: My products:

Today I used the Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom moisturizing shampoo, Neutrogena pink moisturizing conditioner, Fructis mousse. I blow dried it, added a little Neutrogena Healing Shine Serum, and finished with some Fructis hair spray. Here's a couple pics, one right after styling, the other after a few hours. I know one is blurry but it's all I got. Blame the photographer.

After a few hours: After styling:

I'll post periodic pictures of different results. By the way, does anyone know of a good hairspray that doesn't leave your hair dull-looking?


Today I prayed for: Sandy, Shawna, and Mike Judge

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  1. I'm with you on the frizz thing. It's a life-long battle! But I can't feel too sorry for you with it frizzing in Maui! I love that place!

    Anyway, my styling tool I can't do without is my straightening iron. I've been using one since they came out and my hair is now--after nearly a decade--starting to understand what it is supposed to do when I apply said iron to said hair! Still not perfect under weather conditions, but much better.

    Keep at it!

  2. I like your hair styled that way! Double thumbs up. Hawaii??? Can I come?

  3. I know, why should I complain when I'll be Hawaii?!

    Katie, if you can fit in the luggage, you can come.

    And thanks for the props.

    I've been using a flat iron for about six months and I love it. Any good hair days are due to my stylist and my flat iron, I'm convinced.

  4. Carrie, a customer at the salon brought in her own hairspray because she doesn't like ours. She used Kendra. It was really nice, light but good hold and it smells nice which is always a plus in hairsprays! Also, there is a finishing spray by Chi that's a shine spray. It's not for hold but if you spray with hairspray first and then just a light spray of the Chi and it adds a nice shine.