The Long Haul

Today I prayed for Ted Turner and Amber.

I first tried to name this blog The Long Haul but it was taken.

It seems that we're in everything for the long haul. Marriage. Parenthood. Faith. Relationships with cars.

I kind of get why the divorce rate is spiraling up. I've got many divorced friends (including my parents) so I'm not pointing fingers, just kind of thinking out loud.

We've got so much that is disposal in our society. Lighters, food containers, even major appliances are designed to wear out far sooner than they used to. So if all of our stuff is lightweight and meant to be thrown into the recycler, then why not marriages as well? Why not a baby? We told the mom she could get rid of it before its birth, why not in the first few minutes as well?

We give up on children and drug them.

We give up on marriages and say, "God doesn't want me to be unhappy." I don't see that in my Bible. My Bible says God is making me into the image of Christ and that's painful and hard work. And has nothing to do with my happiness.

We give up on toasters and buy a new and bigger one that will fit four bagels at once. Who needs to toast them many bread products at the same time? Have they never heard of Atkins??

Anyway, yeah, I'm in it for the long haul.

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