Two Kinds of People


No, not men and women or conservatives and liberals. Not even Glass Half-fullers and Half-emptiers.

No, I’m talking about those who work through a cold and those who hibernate.

I’m one kind and most of my family is the other. Without passing judgment on either kind, I do see both sides.

Those who work through it feel they have people depending on them and they hate to let others down. So they power through.

And infect others in the process.

Those who take to their beds with the sniffles are shielding others from the germs. But letting their obligations slide. Or at least postponing it all.

Now that Christmas is over, it’s a germ free-for-all around here. So far, I’m okay. I’m on a strict regimen of Airborne, Echinacea with goldenseal, Zicam, Cold-Eze, and lots of water.

Pressing on…



Today I prayed for: Sue, Amber, Nevada Barr

Last movie: If You Believe – a sappy Lifetime Christmas movie.

Last book: Don’t Look Down by Jennifer Cruisie and Bob Mayer

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