Plastic or Real


I watched a television movie the other night with Linda Hamilton, of the TV series Beauty and the Beast and the Terminator movies.

The movie itself was okay, but what really struck me was how real Ms. Hamilton looks. A few smile lines. Real skin, not a plastic flesh-colored covering on her face.

That got me looking at actress faces and thinking who looks still looks real and who traded in their face for a newer model.

I happened to catch last week’s Desperate Housewives and they’re all shiny and dewy and completely fake looking. Except during Felicity Huffman/Lynette’s dream sequence, I thought the “old” Lynette was lovely, much prettier than she is now.

During a late night channel surf, Victoria Principal chatted about something or other. She and Priscilla Presley tie in my “Scariest Smile Sweepstakes.”

I don’t mind getting older, really. I don’t want to look old, but I get it that it’s the price to pay for living.

I do have one suggestion for Ms. Hamilton, though: eyebrow shaping. Think about it. Other than that, you’re perfect!


Today, I’m praying for Bev, Sue, and Elnora.

Last movie: Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Last book: Mr. Paradise by Elmore Leonard – my first Elmore Leonard. It was good, but I don’t think my mother will allow me to read another one with that kind of language.

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  1. Well, my mom says Harry Potter in ok so you can try those!