Living Intentionally

That’s my phrase for 2010. To live intentionally I must do the things that I always plan to get around to. I’m working on doing something of purpose every day.

I think, so far, I’m doing okay. I’ve gotten Christmas down and mostly put away.

I also plan to:

  • work on scrapbooks
  • catalog recipes
  • clean out closets
  • Read more
  • Play less computer games
  • Call family members more often


On the Today show this morning, a woman talked about finding happiness in the moment, not always looking for what’s around the corner. Actually, that’s not what she talked about, but that’s how I heard and applied it.

Maybe because that’s something I struggle with. I can’t relax if I have something hanging over my head that has to be done. So I forget to enjoy the moment, if I know that I will soon have to leave, or go do something.

A couple of years ago, that was my habit to work on during the year and I’m much better now. It mostly still surfaces in small things. I like to return phone calls and emails as soon as I get them. But I no longer watch the clock when I’m at a meeting, fretting about when I have to leave to get to my next appointment.

And I like it better. I like me better.


Today I’m praying for: Barbara, Jamie, Renee.

Last movie: Bride Wars

Currently reading: Inside Out by Dr. Lawrence Crabb

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