Woe! It’s Wednesday


I made a random observation on Facebook and it generated so many comments it appears I may have hit on something.

I said, “If you have to tell me you’re not being presumptuous, trust me, you are.”

Friends added their own observations.

“If you start with, ‘I don’t mean to offend…’ then trust me, you do.”

“To tell the truth…” means either 1) they don’t usually speak the truth or 2) what they’re about to say is not truth. It could also mean both 1 & 2.

So, I’d like to add to my Trust Me lexicon:

If you have to tell me you’re not being rude, trust me, you are.

If you have to tell me you’re not being selfish, trust me, you are.

If you have to tell me you’re not being arrogant, trust me, you are.

If you have to tell me you’re actually very sorry, trust me, you’re not.

In other words, if you have to tell me anything with words, I’m probably going to have reservations.

Instead, show me. With actions.

Do something thoughtful.

Say something edifying.

Be an encourager.

Live like you mean it.

Then, if you have to preface something you say, I’m more likely to listen and believe you.


Today I’m praying for my cousin Linda. Her husband passed away yesterday.

Last book: Saint Training by Elizabeth Fixmer – a delightful YA novel that I’ll be reviewing on Author’s Choice reviews.

Last movie: Eat, Pray, Love – I have to give it that dreaded “Not as good as the book” rating.


  1. Carrie, So sorry to hear about your cousin Linda. As you know, I've also been through the death of a spouse (the impetus for my non-fiction book, The Tender Scar), and I can certainly sympathize. I'll add my prayers to yours.

  2. Thank you Richard! That means a lot. I gave a copy of The Tender Scar to my mother-in-law when my father-in-law died and she said how helpful it was. I'll get a copy to my cousin as well.

  3. Thanks, Ron! I love reconnecting and keeping in touch with my writer friends. We have to stick together!