Woe! It’s Wednesday

Lesson learned: When you write a blog post in Live Writer to be published later, you can’t use the same header and title, delete the body, and write a new post.

The new post publishes, but not the first one.

So. Where was I?

Oh yes. This was about the Emmy awards show Sunday night.

I watched bits and pieces and had mixed feelings.

Some of the bits were great, others… not so much. I came to the conclusion that when humor is crafted to fit a 20-30 second window, it just feels forced and unfunny.

The best humor grows organically from its foundation.

The opening song and dance number was great because it started with a tried and true premise (Hey, Kids! Let’s put on a Show!), grew with familiar and likeable characters (the Glee cast), and finished with an over the top conclusion.

The banter between Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham bombed because it was scripted repartee and it felt uncomfortable to the viewer.

The George Clooney and Modern Family bit worked because it was set up well. You don’t have to watch the show (I don’t, but I might in the fall) to get it. They set up the characters and situation. The payoff grew naturally.

Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”
       Said by Peter O’Toole, playing the washed-up actor Alan Swann in the 1982 movie My Favorite Year

So true and illustrated so well by the finest television performers of the year.


Today, I’m praying for Ellen, Amber, Dee

Currently reading: The Spoils of Eden by Linda Lee Chaikin

Last movie: I’m finally finishing up Lost. I have three episodes to go.

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